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Charlie Parker blows my mind, consistently.

Something happens after Bird’s solo on this Kern penned masterpiece that is unlike anything I’ve heard in jazz before.

The recording is lovely, and features Dizzy Gillespie on trumpet and what sounds a lot like Max Roach on drums.

All The Things You Are – Charlie Parker

“Bebop has been around for seven or eight years, and something of a fad for two, but experts still disagree over what it is, and whether it will last. Gusty, oldtime Blues Singer Chippie Hill says flatly and hopefully that “It won’t last. My 16-month-old niece does it when she drinks beer out of her bottle, and does it better than any of them.” To the naked ear its shrill cacophony seems anarchistic; on repeated hearings it becomes clear that the players planned it that way. Duke Ellington, now a disc jockey, has been kind; old Satchmo Louis Armstrong, critical. The feud now raging between partisans of the New Orleans school of jazz, who enjoy their music, and the “progressives,” who seem to undergo theirs, is reminiscent of 12th Century theological squabbles.”

TIME Magazine, Monday December 20th, 1948

The recording at the bottom of this post, ‘Bebop‘ was made live at ‘The Royale Roost’ with Charlie Parker on Alto Sax, Kenny Dorham on Trumpet, Al Haig on Piano, Tommy Potter on Bass and once again, Max Roach on drums. The indomitable  ‘Symphony Sid’ introduces the Charlie Parker Allstars for the evening broadcast from the ‘The Royale Roost’, a Chicken restaurant that turned into a focal point for the NY jazz scene after its opening in 1948 at 1580 Broadway.

In April ‘Symphony Sid’ and promoter Monte Kay, who had already staged a number of successful bop concerts and sessions locally, convinced the owners of Ralph & Bill’s
Chicken Roost, a nondescript Broadway nightspot that had flirted unsuccessfully with jazz in the past, to try out a onenight-a-week bop policy. Sid talked up the sessions on his
nightly broadcasts. The initial Tuesday night mini-concerts were such popular events that within a month the newlynamed Royal Roost had adopted a nightly modern jazz policy and was rightly billing itself as “the house that Bop built.”

Sleeve Notes to ‘Bird at the Roost’ record written by Bill Minder


Bebop – Charlie Parker Allstars