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Vindicatrix – Die Alten Bosen Lieder


I’ve been wanting to write about the 2009 Mordant Music debut full length release of ‘Die Alten Bosen Lieder’ from South East London’s Vindicatrix (real name David Aird) for quite a few weeks.

The landscape that Aird layers his heavy and beguiling vocals upon is rich and varied – swelling string cadences rise and fall amongst an intricately arranged patchwork of effected samples, tuba lines, ambient techno and barbarous percussion. At times the unease and suspense in these tracks is practically unbearable and I won’t even try to pretend after two listens through this album that I have grasped anything more than a vague understanding of the narrative of these songs. Interestingly in this case this isn’t something that concerns me as a listener, I’m quite thoroughly bewitched every time I listen. Having pondered about this album for some time before posting, I believe, (and I might be wrong so please correct me), that the title for the album comes from Robert Schumman’s ‘Dichterliebe’ Op.48 in which we find the main character placing all of his grief inside a giant coffin to be sent out and sunk in the sea.

This is a work so alternate from the current stream that it merits the various accolades being bestowed upon it (a glowing review in a recent issue of the Wire for one) and the avid attentions of a much wider audience. ‘Die Alten Bosen Lieder’ (roughly translated as ‘The Bad Old Songs’) is sure to divide opinion, being as it is a startlingly forward thinking and musically dexterous piece of work. You can purchase a digital copy of the album here.

Download / Listen here

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