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Lord Kitchener – London Is The Place For Me


Download / listen here

Lord Kitchener – London Is The Place For Me


Susumu Yokota – Tobiume


‘Tobiume’ is taken from the album ‘Sakura'(1999)

Download / listen here

Susumu Yokota – Tobiume

The Proper Ornaments – Who Thought




Very happy to see the No Pain in Pop site back up online

The Proper Ornaments debut 12″ is out tomorrow, and you should order it here

No Pain in Pop / Forest Swords / Echo Lake


No Pain in Pop have had a formidable start to the year, with January and February seeing the release of two of the best debut EPs I’ve heard in recent months. Forest Swords’ ‘Dagger’ is  a stunning 6-track by Wirrall based producer, Matthew Barnes. The tracks are a consumate and direct vision of Barnes’ musical landscape – one populated by the spectres of Lee Perry, Pierre Schafer and Ennio Morricone.

You can buy the ‘Dagger Paths EP’, in a variety of formats, from the No Pain in Pop shop here.

Echo Lake’s debut EP, ‘Young Silence’, is an entirely different affair. Released on 14th February 2011, their reverb drenched guitar jams create a fragile and distant prospect, one made intimate by some truly haunting vocal melodies. The EP release party, at the Old Blue Last on February 19th, was a wonderful night with the Proper Ornaments providing an incredible support slot.

The video for the title track ‘Young Silence’, produced by Dan Nixon and Dom Jones using Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, is something very special indeed;


Forest Swords – Miarches


Echo Lake – Young Silence



Over at PBP we get pretty mellifluous about the independent publishing world in London.

So it is with great excitement that we note the release of the 4th, 5th and 6th issues of No.ZINE by the incredibly talented Patrick Fry

You can purchase and find more information about No.ZINE here – the quality of the contributors, layout and  design is exceptional. Grab copies while you still can.

Here’s a sneak peek…

(Photographs copyright Patrick Fry)

In other news, we hear whisperings of a new zine by name of ‘TEAM‘, winging its first edition your way imminently. The content they’re had in already, visible via the tasters on their blog, looks absolutely amazing. To whet your appetite, here are two examples of the work of Katie Scott, the latest confirmed contributor to TEAM. You can see more of her work on her flickr here

(Head and Hands by Katie Scott)

(Pineapple Shirt by Katie Scott)

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Broadcast – Colour Me In



From all of us here at PBP we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

This post is particularly aimed at my cousin Al, currently residing in Tokyo, Japan and making waves in the software development world:

If you haven’t come across Orange Juice, I reckon you’ll love them – you can hear the influence that Dogs Die In Hot Cars and countless other Scottish bands have drawn  from their work – Edwyn Collins was their front man and  you might know them for ‘Rip It Up’ a staple of Indie DJs everywhere. ‘Hokyo’ is a lovely rare B-Side I came across recently in a spate of mass record digitisation – I’ve been loving it for its weird synth inflected curves – the version below is a rip from a 12″, hence the crackiliness.

The Air track, ‘Alone in Kyoto’ features in the film ‘Lost in Translation’ – it’s a lovely slice of gallic electronica and through its use in the film is always going to remind me of Japan (and Scarlett Johansson!)

Download / Listen Here

Orange Juice – Hokoyo

Air – Alone in Kyoto


It’s Gonna Rain


After a rare sunny winter day in London, I found myself listening to both parts of ‘It’s Gonna Rain’ by Steve Reich yesterday evening. This recording is vital for a number of reasons; firstly it contains an incredible sample of an African American Pentecostal preacher, Brother Walter, hailing the end of the world in San Francisco’s Union Square in 1964, secondly it’s one of the first examples of phasing and is a landmark in Minimal, Looping  and Process based music. These pieces were Reich’s first major works. They were created in 1965 using two Wollensak tape recorders.

As predicted by Brother Walter, the skies opened this morning and two of our gutters are leaking everywhere.

Download / Listen Here

It’s Gonna Rain (Part One) – Steve Reich

It’s Gonna rain (Part Two) – Steve Reich

Today Of The Dead


Over at Casa Del Malpas we celebrated Día de los Muertos in style last week – I thought I’d post a mix of some of the tracks that accompanied the evening.

My first proper foray into Mexican and Central American music was a pretty mindblowing experience. There’s some wonderful blogs out there covering specifically this, and they’re well worth checking out.

It has been a while since I’ve encountered a genre of music that is so completely unknown to me. Originating from a traditional courtship dance in Colombia and swiftly spreading across the whole of Central America, Cumbia is some of the most full on party music I’ve ever heard!

“Women playfully wave their long skirts while holding a candle, and men dance behind the women with one hand behind their back and the other hand either holding a hat, putting it on, or taking it off. Male dancers also carried a red handkerchief which they either wrapped around their necks, waved in circles in the air, or held out for the women to hold. Until the mid-20th century, Cumbia was considered to be an inappropriate dance performed primarily by the lower social classes.” more here

The songs in the mix are mainly taken from records put out in Mexico and Colombia during the so-called ‘golden age’ of Cumbia – 1950 to 1975.

To give you a little taste of the evening here’s a photo of a handmade Día de los Muertos skull, one of many made by Faye and Havva :


1. Cumbia en do Menor – Lito Barrientos y Su Orquesta
2. Cumbia – Alfredo Gutierrez
3. Cumbia De Sal – Los Falcons
4. Cumbia Arabe – Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlán
5. Cumbia Sampuesana  (La Sampuesana) – Chicken Y Sus Comandos
6. Cumbia Mexicana – Desconocido
7. Cumbia Y Guitarra – Los Mirios
8. La Cumbia De Los Cuervos – Juaneco y Su Conjunto
9. El Platanito – Los Dinamicos Del Ritmo
10. El Guamo – Anibal Velasquez
11. El Sucusu-Sucusu – Anibal Y Jose Velasquez
12. Mira Mira (Ella Baila el Pompo) – Los Curramberos de Guayabal with Anibal Velásquez
13. Has Regresado Viejo Amigo – Rodolfo

Download / Listen Here

Cumbia Mix (320k stereo mp3)

Cumbia Arabe – Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlán

Cumbia Sampuesana  (La Sampuesana) – Chicken Y Sus Comandos

Do Your Thing


Last Friday I was lucky enough to have one of those rare free days in London, wandering about and perusing some of the finest exhibitions that the capital has to offer. I started at the John Soane museum, a frankly astounding collection just off Lincoln’s Inn Fields near Holborn. The museum preserves the house of Sir John Soane, a British architect perhaps most well known for building the Bank of England. I don’t think I have ever seen a house so crammed with amazing artefacts, paintings and furniture. There’s a few Turners, Hogarths and even a Sarcophagus in the basement. I’d highly recommend a visit, the house looks almost exactly how Soane left it and it’s free to get in.

After a few hours immersed in Soane’s house,  I wandered a few doors down to the Royal College of Surgeons and the Hunterian museum, which, prior to World War II looked like the above photo. Unfortunately bombs took their toll upon the collection, with what was left being rehoused. The current collection is still focused upon the private collection of John Hunter, surgeon to King George III. The collection was bought by the British government in 1799 and presented to the Royal College of Surgeons. Even in it’s current form the collection is utterly mindblowing and an aboslute must for anyone with an interest in science and medicine (as long as you’re ok with looking at human quintuplet foetus’ preserved in formaldehyde!). Again it’s free to access!

Download / Listen Here

Moondog – Do Your Thing

The Bones Go Last


Some friends of mine are making a documentary about the visionary artist Austin Osman Spare, who spent most of his career in and around South East London. It is entitled ‘The Bones Go Last’ and you can follow their progress and learn more about Spare here.

Around the time that Spare was creating some of his most seminal works, in Paris, Maurice Ravel was writing his ‘String Quartet in F’, a piece of music that has utterly enraptured me over the last few weeks. Here is the third movement from it; ‘Tres Lent’.

Download / Listen Here

Ravel – String quartet in F – III – Tres lent

Max Richter


Max Richter is a new discovery for me thanks to Alex over at Selected Poems. Richter is a wonderfully open and diverse composer with collaborators varying from Vashti Bunyan, Future Sound of London to Roni Size. He’s had his work on a number of film soundtracks, ‘On the Nature of Daylight’ included below, features on Martin Scorcese’s 2010 film, ‘Shutter Island’.

I’ve just spent almost two hours playing this on repeat, safe in the knowledge that it will be punctuating my days for the foreseeable future.

Download / Listen Here

Max Richter – On The Nature of Daylight



New Cross based producer James Blake has been making waves on the UK underground for nearly 18 months now. Blake’s EP ‘Air & Lack Thereof’ (released on Hemlock in 2009) was a breath of fresh air amongst a bewildering array of derivative dubstep / wonky / 2-step garage releases, with the title track included on Soul Jazz’s ‘Steppa’s Delight 2’ and the flip ‘Sparing the Horses’ featured on Dubstep Allstars Volume 7.

2010 has seen Blake release his ‘CYMK’ EP on the seminal R&S recordings, resulting in a legion of excitable dance music journalists dusting off unfamiliar language and extolling the virtues of chord progressions and harmony whilst stuttering in amazement at the sheer precocity of someone singing over programmed material. Comparisons to Jamie Lidell abound, but in all honesty this is a unique and well crafted record with some of the most well considered sampling I’ve heard in recent years. It’s a big leap in both style and individuality from ‘Air & Lack Thereof’, a testament to Blake’s growth as a musician and a strong sign for Blake’s future releases.

One of the most engaging things about this EP is the feeling of subtle depth in both the samples and the production styling (The paring of Kelis and Aaliyah for example). ‘CMYK’ feels like something quite different compared to the average UK underground release. Blake deserves the praise that is being heaped upon him. Here’s hoping that he continues along his current path.

The title track of the EP, ‘CMYK’ sees the vocal skills of Kelis and Aaliyah juxtaposed to beautiful effect over a hissing sea of noise, clicking rim-shots and warm synths – I’ve included it below.

Download / Listen Here

[James Blake – CMYK]

James Blake – CMYK [removed by request]

Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake Remix)



Having been a little bit out of touch over the last month, I’ve just checked out a new release from the ever brilliant Glasgow label ‘Numbers’. The fantastic ‘Quote’s EP’ is birthed from Croydon based producer ‘Kavrsrave’. Numbers’ description of it is so on point that I feel any addition from me would be purely superfluous.

“The sound of neon dipped maximum power R’n’B as it’s dragged through the sewers and elevated to the heavens. This is the DREAM, racing up and down a Croydon high street pumping out UK bass in a souped up purple Corsa”

Expect big things from this chap in the future – you can and should buy his EP here and follow him on Myspace here.

I’ve picked my favourite track ‘PClart’ for your delectation below.

Download / Listen Here

Kavsrave – PClart



TOKiMONSTA’s Cosmic Intoxication EP is an absolute banger, if you don’t believe me ask FlyLo & Mary Anne Hobbs, they’ll tell ya.

“WOW! This girl is absolutely incredible… She’s my favorite female producer on the planet!”  – Mary Anne Hobbs

Download / Listen Here

TOKiMONSTA – Doing It My Way



Definitely a contender for the best remix I have ever heard. Check out Hudson Mohawke on myspace here.

Download / Listen Here

Ooops – Tweet feat. Missy Elliott [Hudson Mohawke Remix]

Taz Buckfaster


I first heard of the aptly monikered Taz Buckfaster on Warp record’s recent release ‘North / South / East / West’ which you can and should buy here.

Alongside Hudson Mohawke and Flying Lotus, Warp is truly supporting and nurturing a UK dance scene teeming with innovation and futurism. ‘North / South / East / West’ showcases the strength of their web and makes a refreshing change from the notion that London is the only place where musicians reside. The package itself looks beautiful, with design by Stuart Hammersly and photographs from Shaun Bloodworth.


Taz Buckfaster himself represents yet another notch on the bedpost of UK dance music for Glasgow. As I have mentioned previously it is incredible the amount of talent that has come from there in the last few years.

Buckfaster has just produced a mix for April entitled ‘Spring In My Step’, embedded below for your aural refreshment and breeding purposes. Enjoy yourselves.

Download / Listen Here

Taz Buckfaster – Au Revoir

Can’t Hold On


I’m back after a period in the wilderness, literally. I’ve been spending most of my time in the UK’s only natural desert working on this so I hope you will accept my profuse apologies.

Here’s an absolute banger from  M.E.D aka Medaphoar interlaced with the estoteric production of Madlib.

‘Can’t Hold On’ is the fourth track  on Medaphoar’s 2005 album ‘Push Comes To Shove’ released by the super sharp Stones Throw.

Bring on the London summer, I’m ready.

Download / Listen Here

M.E.D – Can’t Hold On

I’m New Here


Photo : Mischa Richter

Gil Scott-Heron has returned from the wilderness with a album ‘I’m New Here’. Released on XL Recordings and wonderfully produced by label owner Richard Russell, ‘I’m New Here’ is a fitting addition to the prodigious legacy of the man. The record sees Scott-Heron in new voice, rich with his life experience and looking towards the future.

For those that have not come across Scott-Heron before, here is great Newsnight interview that goes some way to showing just how influential his work has been upon our culture.

Download / Listen Here

Gil Scott-Heron – Where did the night go

Vindicatrix – Die Alten Bosen Lieder


I’ve been wanting to write about the 2009 Mordant Music debut full length release of ‘Die Alten Bosen Lieder’ from South East London’s Vindicatrix (real name David Aird) for quite a few weeks.

The landscape that Aird layers his heavy and beguiling vocals upon is rich and varied – swelling string cadences rise and fall amongst an intricately arranged patchwork of effected samples, tuba lines, ambient techno and barbarous percussion. At times the unease and suspense in these tracks is practically unbearable and I won’t even try to pretend after two listens through this album that I have grasped anything more than a vague understanding of the narrative of these songs. Interestingly in this case this isn’t something that concerns me as a listener, I’m quite thoroughly bewitched every time I listen. Having pondered about this album for some time before posting, I believe, (and I might be wrong so please correct me), that the title for the album comes from Robert Schumman’s ‘Dichterliebe’ Op.48 in which we find the main character placing all of his grief inside a giant coffin to be sent out and sunk in the sea.

This is a work so alternate from the current stream that it merits the various accolades being bestowed upon it (a glowing review in a recent issue of the Wire for one) and the avid attentions of a much wider audience. ‘Die Alten Bosen Lieder’ (roughly translated as ‘The Bad Old Songs’) is sure to divide opinion, being as it is a startlingly forward thinking and musically dexterous piece of work. You can purchase a digital copy of the album here.

Download / Listen here

Vinidcatrix – Insulinde

Beaty Heart


New Cross based ‘Beaty Heart’ have just posted their first demo – ‘Cola’. It’s a beautiful and rambunctious tapestry that sees soaring vocals, music concrète and electronic manipulation intertwined into one of the most uplifting songs I’ve heard this year. Follow them on myspace here and find yourself in Deptford on March 5th and you’ll be able to see them live at the quite unhealthy Bunker Club, for the inaugural ‘Dead Gentlemen’.

Download / listen here

Beaty Heart – Cola

King and the Olive Fields – Fireworks


The wonderful King and the Olive Fields new 10″ EP, ‘Fireworks’, is being released on February 22nd.

The EP launch party will be on Friday February 12th at the Duke of Uke near Brick Lane, I’ll be down there for sure, rumour is that they’ll also be doing an instore at Pure Groove sometime soon, so look out for that.

You can pre-order the record from their myspace or pick up a limited special edition on sale from Puregroove records in Farringdon.

King kindly got in touch to send PBP the second track from the EP, ‘Postcards’, a beautiful and lyrical slice of ukulele driven acoustic pop.

Apologies for my lack of recent posts, have moved studio and having just regained the internet, I’m back in the game.

Download / Listen here

King and the Olive Fields – Postcards



Whoever took the time to make this is my official hero of the day. Prank call yo friends moms with the Tempa T sound board.

Next Hype SoundBoard

A Boom Bap Continuum


One of the best mixtape collaborations I’ve ever seen – so good to see this come out of London. Props to the most generous 2tall, DJ Clockwork and Kper.

To anyone with an interest in hip hop or electronica, you should get right on this.

The breadth and quality of the mix astounds me, check out the tracklisting below if you need any more convincing.

I’ll let the guys explain their reasoning behind the mix…

2009 was not just the year that the beat came back to worldwide prominence, it was also a year where Reynolds’ theory was broken down and rightfully (depending on where you stand) contested by a new generation of writers and producers. For me it was only right that any discussion about a Hardcore Continuum in the 00s should include hip hop’s influence on dance music mutations, and that is where the name came from – as I said a joke, but also a semi-serious statement. As far as I’m concerned the music of people like Loefah, a godfather of the dubstep sound, owes as much to hip hop’s golden era boom bap as it does dub and sound system culture. And that’s why two of his most famous tracks are included in the mix, as well as productions from people like The Bug, Joker and other not-directly-related-to-hip-hop producers. It’s the aesthetic we wanted to showcase, not the genres.

More information here :

Download / Listen here

‘A Boom Bap Continuum’ (320kbps mp3)

Tracklisting after the jump


Elvis Perkins – While You Were Sleeping


I’ve recently encountered the song writing of Californian born Elvis Perkins (thanks to King for this).

It seems almost unfair to focus upon his back story but I’m sure with a little investigation you can find that out for yourself.

Suffice it to say that he is a unique and beguiling songwriter with true great lyrical talent – his performance on the following Takeaway Show (a concept that in itself strips music back to its essentials), is the best I have seen.

‘While You Were Sleeping’ is taken from ‘Ash Wednesday’, released independently in 2006 and then by XL Recordings in 2007.

You can find out more about Elvis from his myspace

Download / Listen here

Elvis Perkins – While You Were Sleeping

You can read the full lyrics by clicking through… (more…)

“Put a dick in your ear an fuck what you heard”


What gets me with this track, is that before listening to it, I always had Fabolous down as a bit of a poser. And yet, the moment homes boasts about being “gucci’d down to his tighty whites”, my ears pricked up. What follows is one of the most effortlessly swaggering verses in a while. From comparing his Colombian ladyfriends “blow-game” to that of the late Dizzy Gillespie, to taunting fellow rappers, likening them to “s’mores” (soft in the middle you dig), ‘Loso proves that when it comes down to the nonchalant punchline, dude is bonkers.

Oh, and its also produced by Alchemist, which means the beat is a certified banger.

Download / Listen here

Fabolous – Lullaby

Moondog – The Viking of Sixth Avenue


A few months ago I bought this record (

It’s been wearing down my needle ever since.

Moondog’s compositional skills and self made instrumentation place him in a class apart from other composers of the time. Beautiful, intricate and compelling music.

Download / Listen here

Moondog – Why spend the dark night with you

Moondog – Pastoral

(not on the above record)



I’ve completely missed the wave of blog hype surrounding tUnE-YaRdS over recent months, and only stumbled over this video a couple of days ago. Merrill Garbus has quite an astounding and strange talent – it’s great to hear something as original as this doing the rounds. Check her myspace here.

Download / Listen Here

tUnE-YaRdS – Sunlight

Scan Processor Studies (excerpts pt.1)


By Woody Vasulka & Brian O’Reilly

Download / Listen Here

Outside -To forgive but not to forget