Do Your Thing


Last Friday I was lucky enough to have one of those rare free days in London, wandering about and perusing some of the finest exhibitions that the capital has to offer. I started at the John Soane museum, a frankly astounding collection just off Lincoln’s Inn Fields near Holborn. The museum preserves the house of Sir John Soane, a British architect perhaps most well known for building the Bank of England. I don’t think I have ever seen a house so crammed with amazing artefacts, paintings and furniture. There’s a few Turners, Hogarths and even a Sarcophagus in the basement. I’d highly recommend a visit, the house looks almost exactly how Soane left it and it’s free to get in.

After a few hours immersed in Soane’s house,  I wandered a few doors down to the Royal College of Surgeons and the Hunterian museum, which, prior to World War II looked like the above photo. Unfortunately bombs took their toll upon the collection, with what was left being rehoused. The current collection is still focused upon the private collection of John Hunter, surgeon to King George III. The collection was bought by the British government in 1799 and presented to the Royal College of Surgeons. Even in it’s current form the collection is utterly mindblowing and an aboslute must for anyone with an interest in science and medicine (as long as you’re ok with looking at human quintuplet foetus’ preserved in formaldehyde!). Again it’s free to access!

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Moondog – Do Your Thing


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