Southside…..that’s where we’re coming from


As you may know , this blog is always ‘repping it’ for South London.  When I discovered this music video from a few years ago, I kicked myself for not finding it sooner, and immediately drove around Peckham in by Fiesta pumping it out and feeling very cool.  And then I realized that I’m actually from Bath and in my adopted hometown a Fiesta is not very cool.  Neither is playing music three years out of date.

But seriously, this video is hilarious.  I think.  I still can’t decide how seriously grime artists take themselves.  But it’s much funnier if you watch it believing they are taking themselves completely seriously.   

Download / Listen Here

Southside Allstars- ‘Southside’

The first guy actually has pretty good flow, despite his only inspiration being an A to Z, resulting in fantastic rhymes like ‘Brixton boy dem’ and ‘Croydon’.   So Solid Crew’s Asher D makes an unwelcome appearance.  Firstly, he introduces himself as a ‘street sibling representing South Peckenham’ while sitting outside Peckham library.  Ghetto.  Maybe he was going there to find out how to correctly spell his hometown.  Or maybe he was just waiting to stare menacingly at a passing traffic warden whilst holding a converted air pistol.  No wait, he already did that, and got 18-months for it.  Tough guy.  Oh and then he boasts about  ‘I’m still standing the others our like dropped’.  Don’t worry Ashley. If your label hadn’t dropped you then, I’m sure they will have by now.  ‘Thankfully though Asher D wasn’t the sole representative of ‘Peckenham’.   When an MC from Deptford MC boasts about having links in Peckham, you know Peckham is hard. Get me.

Other highlights include ‘Nicky S’ from Camberwell.  Standing around with lots of angry-looking skinhead white men is not the best look for a grime video. It looks like a scene from Football Factory. Or a BNP rally.  It’s okay though because the videos street cred is quickly restored when ‘blud’ is rhymed with….. ‘blud’.  Six times.  And of course who could ignore the little boy who took time out from his SATs tests to hang out with gorgeous women twice his age and talk about ‘slewing’ people who ain’t from south.  Childhood is magical isn’t it? Oh and as a final helping hand to South London’s tourist board (and no I doubt it actually exists), they finish the film boasting about selling crack.  Package tour anyone?

What is disappointing though is all the places south of the river which they omitted.  For those neglected, here are the forgotten verses:

If East End boys come kick it in Kew

Southside boys get ready to slew

You know we’re reppin’ Kew Gardens too

Botanical Gardens ain’t for Eastside too


Richmond Park’s for Southside Man Dem

If you eye Northside near the dears then

Get out your calendar and find out when

Those dears are rutting, hopefully right  then


If you spy Westside in Greenwich Market

Pull out you *!%* and choose your target

If they step on the Meridian Line

They’ll find there life is running out of time

Why have north, east or (ha ha) west London rap posses not come out with a similar video? Because southside runs tings. That’s why.


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