Here is a short introduction to two of the best films I have watched recently.

Both have the most wonderful and fascinating opening sequences.

The Conversation, directed by Francis Ford Coppola is an exploration into the paranoid mind of a surveillance expert. If you had any doubts about Gene Hackman’s acting ability, this film will go some way towards negating them.

The sound design on this film is particularly amazing. I think this opening sequence is some of Walter Murch’s best work.

A Touch Of Evil, directed by Orson Welles was finished in 1958. A friend recently lent me this on DVD and I was completely blow away again by the opening sequence, shot in one from a crane. The story of how Welles fought to retain the integrity of this masterpiece is a long one, with Welles being fired from his role of director during the post-production process by  and can be best explained by reading this. A Touch Of Evil is said to have inspired both Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut into  beginning their illustrious careers [having previously been working as judges and critics]. The use of devices such as radio-transmitters, jukeboxes and pianos as sound sources within the film particularly enthralls me. You can watch the whole thing below on youtube [in stages].


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