Pharcyde reunion

Cod Father’s in Deptford, SE London

My 500th post.

That seems like a lot.

Unbeknown to me the Pharcyde seem to have reformed.
At the end of May they did a one off show with Trackademics at the Fillmore in San Francisco..
It’s not been stated whether they are all going to tour together as a result but here’s hoping for a London date this year.
I’ll be there without doubt.

Tre [explaining Passin’ Me By]- “That was a beautiful situation. Well at the time our manager/mentor Reggie Andrews owned a place in South Central where we were recording, and it was right at the middle of a really busy intersection where there was tons of traffic. So during the peak hours we’d just take our breaks and stand outside watching the hot chicks get off work. It was like Crenshaw on a Sunday, letting go by, and always, things would be passing you by. It was a true statement–there was always that girl that you wanted to hang out or kick it with, but never know how to pull up the right words or to talk to them really sincerely. I love that song, it will last as long as there’s high schoolers. You know…and there she was passin me by again, but you can never muster up the courage.”
More here

I’ve been saving this Passin’ Me By remix [from the flipside to the Otha Fish single] for a special occasion;

Download / Listen Here

The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By [Fly as a Pie remix]


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