Glasgow and Wireblock


There is so much great stuff coming out of Glasgow it’s hard to keep up..

It’s well worth keeping an eye on Wireblock, a Glaswegian record label run by a very talented couple of chaps called Calum and Jackmaster

Their phenomenal club night ‘Numbers‘ exists in Glasgow, Tokyo and every now and then it graces London.. They’ve got Modeselektor on their bill tomorrow night in Glasgow..

Rustie has become a phenomenon off the back of his tracks ‘Zig-Zag’ [which came out on Wireblock] and remix of Zomby’s ‘Spliff Dub’…

Also out of Glasgow is the phenomenal Hudson Mohawke, who along with Rustie also signed to Warp

Hudson Mohawke – Overnight

I hear rumour that the great Banjo or Freakout might well be off to join the swelling ranks of great Warp artists.. brought onto the scene by the ever reliable No Pain in Pop…

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You can get Hudson Mohawke’s Polyphonic Dance here
Rustie’s Zig-Zag here

Download / listen here

Hudson Mohawke – Overnight

Zomby – Spliff Dub [Rustie Remix]

Jackmaster’s Vice Mix 30.01.09

****An Addition

It seems to me quite remarkable how similar this sounds to both Hudson Mohawke and Zomby’s tracks, not at all a bad thing!


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5 Responses to “Glasgow and Wireblock”

  1. soundslike Says:

    been loving the hudson mohawke since you played this record – this track particularly is stunning! i am also chuffed to have just picked up rustie’s “zig zag” from ebay, for a quite amazing price given that it’s a sold out limited run. such a strange track, sounds like a giant neon baby running endlessly up a “down” escalator…-dan

  2. j Says:

    that ep is incredible, really greatand that is a perfect description of ‘zig zag’!

  3. JD Says:

    Yeahh, heard a couple of these guys in a Duke Dumont mix.Check it out

  4. No Pain In Pop Says:

    tunes galore

  5. Taz Buckfaster « Punch Brothers Punch Says:

    […] represents yet another notch on the bedpost of UK dance music for Glasgow. As I have mentioned previously it is incredible the amount of talent that has come from there in the last few […]

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