Dimbleby & Capper


Laura Bettinson [Dimbleby & Capper] is a very sweet girl and she did us the kind service of performing at an OOXXOO night at the Amersham Arms a few months ago [incidentally there is now a new shop on the site and second edition on the way so have a browse!].

She pours her sweet and sultry vocal style over beautifully constructed songs and is currently in the studio working with some of the most highly regarded producers in the industry.. it’s easy to see why they’re getting so excited about this..
Her songs are enveloping.. I think it’s her layered harmonies that really wrap it up for me.
I can’t get out of my head the idea that somehow there is some relation to Doo-Wop and old work/blues songs..

She’s well deserving of the vast success that is undoubtedly coming to her and a thoroughly great person

Take some time to listen through her stuff on myspace

Download / Listen here

Dimbleby & Capper – Want This


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