Harry Partch


Download / listen here

Harry Partch – Daphne [320kb .mp3 taken from ‘The World of Harry Partch’]


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One Response to “Harry Partch”

  1. dannrayv Says:

    Thanks for sharing this Harry Partch music. I did a video based on the life of hobos set to music that resembles Eskimos. It was a tribute to Harry Partch and his music. I remember hearing that The Residents were a big fan of Harry Partch. They also have an album called Eskimo; how coincidental. Anyway, great post. I hope more people can spread the word on such a unique composer like him. Here is my video:< HREF="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl3Peegi66w" REL="nofollow">A Hobo’s Tale<>

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