Alice Coltrane and Flying Lotus


Today, I discovered that Alice Coltrane was Flying Lotus’ aunt. Suddenly a lot of things fell into place.

Right now Flying Lotus is flying the flag of musical-futurism.

Here is his November BBC Essential mix in it’s entirety. Also the tracklisting, click to enlarge..

Also the beautiful ‘Sita Ram’ from Alice Coltrane’s ‘Universal Conciousness’

The picture of FlyLo was one I took at the Bug’s launch party for London Zoo at Third Base in Brixton..

Download / listen here

Flying Lotus – BBC Essential Mix 29th November

Alice Coltrane – Sita Ram


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3 Responses to “Alice Coltrane and Flying Lotus”

  1. manos k Says:

    great sound!

  2. soundslike Says:

    a!ma!zing!listening to this is like a masterclass in meshing together foreign styles, timbres and eras – jawdropping.-dan

  3. j Says:

    he’s the future

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