Canning Town Flyover. Get the fuck up.


These two tracks are just on a completely different level to anything I’ve heard recently.
Beardyman is not a beatboxer, but a vocal orchestra [maybe the first ever?].

Don’t Look Back In Africa – I think Liam and Noel should take some lessons on this. Often songs will sound better when combined with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Facial Hair, tongue clicking, Calypso and a very very strange mind. Pretty obvious really, I think anyone could work that one out.

I think I can safely say that I haven’t ever heard a song containing a shout out to Canning Town Flyover, Lakeside Retail Park, Sidcup New Oldham, generic voiceover voice and an all vocal cover of Pharaohe Monch’s ‘Simon Says’.

More musicians ought to aim for this level of inventiveness in their work.

Total genius.

Download / listen here

Beardyman – Don’t Look Back In Africa

Beardyman – Simon Says Shop


One Response to “Canning Town Flyover. Get the fuck up.”

  1. DaDa KingZ Says:

    mind blowing. haha!!

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