Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down


The single ‘Two Doors Down’ is out 2nd June and you can preorder it here

Or you can catch them on 2nd June at the new Puregroove shop that has opened just down the road from where I work in Farringdon.

Puregroove looks like it will be great, I went to see Your Twenties there a few nights ago, as they tried out the speakers and ting before the shop opened. It’s in the perfect place, right next to Smithfields market in a nice airy shop.

You should watch out for Your Twenties.

Great pop songs. A modern day ancestor of the Beatles and Blur with a great focus of vocal harmony.

I can’t wait to have a record shop within walking distance of where I work although I’m sure there will be financial repercussions

The snare sound in this is just the right side of excessive, and I haven’t heard a saxophone solo for such a long time in a new song that it feels like an invention.

This video is fresh too, just like they always used to be.

Download / listen here

Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down
Mystery Jets – Hideaway [Switch Remix]

Your Twenties – Billionaires demo


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