Frank Zappa on Crossfire

Download / listen here

Frank Zappa – Willie The Pimp

[it’s fine if you get bored at about 2 minutes in it’s just about that riff]


2 Responses to “Frank Zappa on Crossfire”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    no its not just about the riff, yeah its not okay if you get bored, thats kind of like saying “yeah i dont have enough attention span to get past the first chapter of a book either;” stick to the music on the radio, kid

  2. j Says:

    out of all of zappa’s work this is actually one of my least favourite, captain beefheart’s vocals are nice, but it’s not a track i particularly love of his. it is repetitive, and it pretty much entirely on it’s own helped spawn the ‘jazz fusion’ genre. a genre that i am not keen on. eventually i will get round to doing a post of zappa tracks i love [and their are alot] maybe even some of the muffin men interpretations of his stuff. but for this post i wanted to post something quite basic and famous of his that i know people find catchy. it does get a little self indulgent after the first minute as is often his wont, i read books that do that all the time. those books i don’t necessarily finish as a point of principle either. but trust me i have a very long attention span or i would not make a blog like this for as long as i have.thanks for you’re advice about listening to the radio, i’ll give it a try.

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