Burial – Unite


This will be my one and only post about Burial.

Here is his best track.

I swallow a little every time I hear it.

‘Unite’ is off the Soul Jazz ‘Box of Dub’ released by Soul Jazz Records in 2007.

Buy it here

Burial gives me faith that dubstep is not going to follow d’n’b down the same dead end route of monotonous similar sets and overkill on once great tunes. The way forward is to stay underground and continue branching out and breaking new ground in production and composition through 2008. DJs such as DMZ and Skream must carry on taking risks and breaking new tune and new styles. You only have to look at people like Vex’d and Pinch to see the other dimensions.

Without waxing too lyrically, Burial‘s first two albums define to me what it is like to live in this decade in this city, the multiculturalism, the technology and the ambient noise.

I took this the Castle pub in Farringdon recently


Burial – Unite

Pinch – Qawwali


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