British dub gets gritty


In 2008 dub gets gritty.

Mike Paradinas‘ Planet Mu have a stellar line up.

Berlin based Vex’d, who’ve just moved out the UK make some of the most incredible dubstep that exists. At points their tracks are the darkest things I’ve ever heard and then before you know it you are immersed in a beautiful cinematic soundscape. A very good thing to listen to on the way to work if you’re half asleep and need to be able to deal with things.


Vex’d – Angel

Vex’d Myspace

Also from Planet Mu is Darqwan.

I first heard this track on the Planet Mu 200 compilation, which my friend Ben kindly bought me as a present one evening.

Now I’m hooked. Dirty but with a really nice reggae bounce. Darqwan is one of the monikers of Oris Jay. Oris also produces as DQ1 and RS4… He’s based in Sheffield, Steel City, home of his seminal label Texture.


Darqwan – M.A.X.imum Reespek

Darqwan Myspace

Buy tracks by both Darqwan and Vex’d here


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