sigur ros – heima 5th november 2007


Forthcoming Heima and Hvarf-Heim (2007)

On 20th August a limited DVD+CD edition of the 2002 soundtrack to the documentary Hlemmur was released.

On 5th November they will release Heima, a live DVD of last summer’s Iceland tour, as well as Hvarf-Heim, a double compilation album containing studio versions of previously unreleased songs (“Salka”, “Hljómalind” (formerly known as “Rokklagið”), “Í gær” and “Von”), on Hvarf, and acoustic studio versions of the songs: “Samskeyti”, “Starálfur”, “Vaka”, “Ágætis Byrjun”, “Heysátan”and “Von”, on Heim.

A tentative date for a DVD+CD release of the 2002 orchestral piece Odin’s Raven Magic is set forward for January 2008.


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